Web Development

I'm currently learning and developing my skills in the web development space. Using and studying such technology stacks like React.js, JavaScript, Gatsby.js, HTML, CSS, and more.

Web Design

I'm also highly interested in web design by focusing on the fundamentals of CSS and other frameworks to create great looking web components.

App Design

I have previous experience with android development using Java, but recently am investing into using React.js and other frameworks to create components for app design and development.

work experience


Two Birds Taphouse

December 2017 - Present

Train, supervise, and work with bartending staff to uphold service standards, food quality, drink quality, and customer satisfaction.

Maintain cocktail design, inventory, and high-quality customer relationships.

Anticipate customers needs in a fast-paced environment where multi-tasking is a must.

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featured projects


Food Menu

An application that displays a dynamic food menu. This application created in React.js, creates a list of food items based on the category that is selected from the navigation bar.


Birthday App

An application created in react that displays random birthdays from various people. It allows to remove everyone from the list and to re-populate the list of people.


Tours List

An application created in React that displays a list of tours.


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